Asylum Seeker Remedy

 1951 United Nations decision, introduced to help Jews escape from Europe and the Soviet Union, Australia is compelled to accept asylum seekers from anywhere and everywhere in the world. We are allowed to control the flow but there are plenty of well meaning Australians who believe we should open the floodgates and welcome millions of refugees from all over the world.

How many millions they won’t say. Who would pay for them they won’t say. Just let them in and the future will take care of itself.

Anyone who engages so much one active brain cell will easily recognise the madness of such a policy.

muslimLawThe asylum seekers claim they’re escaping oppression but once they arrive here and are free from oppression it becomes obvious that most want, in fact demand, far more than that. They demand, and usually get, housing, education, medical care and cash in the hand. Still that’s not enough. They demand Sharia Law, a cruel and brutal system that keeps women oppressed, female children mutilated and everyone living in fear of the all powerful sheikhs and mullahs.

It seems to me the solution is to separate the genuine asylum seekers from the privilege seekers, and there is a way, a perfectly legal and humane way, of achieving that.

Tony Abbott recently suggested locating in the Northern Territories, thousands of Australians from all over the country. His plan is to offer tax incentives to encourage people to uproot their homes and start a new life in the north of Australia. I pricked up my ears when I heard him talk about that area becoming the “food bowl of Asia”. Of course! There must be thousands of hectares of fertile land up north that could be irrigated, cultivated and turned into food producing farms. Water would be a challenge but Abbott is a Rhodes scholar so I assume he’s looked into that.

But why uproot people from all over the country when we’ve got thousands of refugees wasting away in detention centres?

Here’s my idea.  Lease the land to asylum seekers. Provide them with materials to build homes and schools and even mosques. Provide them with food while work is in progress. In fact provide them with everything they need until they become self sufficient. Teach them agriculture. Pay them for the food they produce which is surplus to their own requirements.

Initially I had my doubts such a plan couldn’t work because all they had to do was walk off the land, catch a bus or train to the nearest city and demand the dole and emergency housing. But I recently learned of a Scottish family that was granted a visa on condition they lived and worked in a certain area of Queensland. They disobeyed, and as a result they were returned to Edinburgh, Scotland. And so, despite the 1951 United Nations rules, we do apparently have some control over the situation.

toolsWe say to the thousands of refugees presently locked up in detention camps, “OK, here’s the deal. You’re going to be released and you’ll be provided with sufficient land to create a wonderful life for yourselves. Things will be a thousand times easier for you than it was for the early settlers because the timber for your dwellings will be cut and prepared, you don’t have to chop down giant trees with primitive axes. Electricity will be provided to drive your electric power tools. Experts will be on hand to teach you the building trade. You’ll tend the land with tractors and modern machinery, not horse driven ploughs.”

If they say, “No way, we demand that we be released into the major cities and we demand a roof over our heads built by someone else and we demand money and all the goodies that Australians get,” then we’ll know they’re not escaping danger at all. They’ve come here for the freebies. If they reject this idea they’ll be admitting that they’re weaklings compared to the early Australian settlers. They’ll be admitting that Jews and Mormons are far more resourceful and dynamic than Muslims. Such weaklings would be returned to their own countries.

cottageThose who accept the deal will build a fabulous life for themselves and after a period of time, say twenty years, they and their families would be invited to apply for full Australian citizenship with no restrictions.

Another benefit to this idea would be employment for aborigines who would be consulted about land rights. They would be trained in building techniques and agriculture and would become the site bosses.

Muslims would graze and slaughter their own cattle. After a while live cattle exports would be banned and Indonesia would be encouraged to accept frozen carcases slaughtered in Australia by Muslims. It would be halal not hell-al.

This a good idea but I suspect it will be opposed by trendy lefties who’ll say, “Asylum seekers shouldn’t be expected to work. They should arrive here in their millions and be provided with everything their little Muslim hearts desire.”

If that’s what happens, our grand-children will inherit the wrath and the turmoil that existing tactics will generate.


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